Dresser adds new satin panties styles for men Prlog(Press release)Oct. Suddenly fem's newest satin hot pants come in two colors:White(Style 47112)And black(Style 47111).Their newest additions to their man panties are made in an ultra smooth, soft stretch satin.These man panties have lace edging around the legs that will bring out your inner vixen.Made from a premium poly/lycra blend that is easy to care for as well as made Mother of the Bride Dresses to fit men. Tyler desouza, lead designer at suddenly fem, talks about their newest satin hot pants: "Suddenly fem leads the marketplace in crossdressing panties for men.We offer the widest selection, styles and colors of panties for men Wedding Dresses http://www.dpmp.com.au/ that are designed to fit a man's body.It saddens me to see so many competitors misleading consumers by offering women's sizing claiming that they are manufactured to fit men and just don't.It is very clear when you see how wide their garments are in the hips and the waistlines are often misplaced.We pride ourselves in offering the best selection, quality and fit by constantly updating our cross dressing clothing and lingerie.Our newest sexy satin panties, the satin hot pants have it all style, fit and are just flying out the door" Suddenly fem is leading the way in fashion and respect for the sophisticated male cross dresser.All styles are designed and manufactured to fit the male to female cross dresser.Suddenly fem's offers all sorts of clothing including blouses, skirts, dresses, lingerie, lace panties and hiding and tucking gaffs, breast forms, hormones, beard cover, makeup and more for the cross dresser.Suddenly fem is your one stop online cross dresser store, and has become the leader for crossdressing and transgender clothing and other specially items in the usa.