Bleubird blog It been awhile since i have come over here to say hello.Things have been extremely"Busy"To say the least.Planning a wedding is tough stuff and has quickly taken over all of my spare time, which makes it pretty difficult to write these days.But here i am now to give you all a quick update.We had a lovely halloween, did you?We dressed up as candy bandits.A very easy costume to pull off when time is slim.We dressed in black from head to toe and painted little masks over our eyes.I bought two cream colored pillow cases that just happened to come in a little matching drawstring sack which we painted dollar signs on for the kids loot bags.Gemma bird got the tiny loot bag and was pretty excited about what went inside. We trick or treated with some of our best friends through our neighborhood.The kids had a blast and cleaned up pretty good.It was a great halloween. Things are going well over here.Just getting all of the last minute things together for the big day, which is in 17 days.I can believe it.So soon!We are going out of town tomorrow morning to visit the location of where we will be getting married and to figure out all of the final details.There are still hours and hours of making, searching and doing required before november 19th comes along, so it may be a little quite over as far as words go, but i will do my best to stop in and at least post a picture or two of what we are up to each day. You guys it all happening.So soon!I can wait.Xo. One more month until my wedding day.I can believe it.I also cannot believe that we still have so much to do in so little time.This weeks tasks include hunting down more mismatched plates for each table setting.I went out yesterday and found quite a few which you can see above but i still need about five times that amount until i can cross that one off the list.Tomorrow the hunt will continue along with a shopping date with some of my girlfriends to find bridesmaids dresses.Crossing fingers that we find a dress that is perfect for each one of them. The kids wanted to bake today, so in honor of this more month mark we decided to bake a pumpkin chocolate chip cake inspired by emily poppy.It was so good and the house smells incredible. Everyone loved it.Even this little Wedding Dresses bird. This next month is going to be busy, busy, busy!I so excited about getting married but i can help but secretly wish it were here and done so that i could get back to normal.Planning a wedding isn easy, especially when you start the planning just two months beforehand.I also haven forgotten about the giveaway i told you about and i promise that it coming soon.Thank you for your patience.Xo. Footnote:Thank you for the kind words regarding Mother of the Bride Dresses Australia my silence post.I appreciate all of your support and well wishes. Bits + pieces of yesterday at bhldn find the perfect wedding dress.It was an absolute dream.I have never felt so special.My friend brooke schwab took these beautiful photographs to capture the experience.I wish i could show you more but i want to keep my choice a surprise for you know who and he reads my blog, so you have to wait until after the wedding.November 19th is just around the corner and i couldn be more excited!The last photo of plum and i hugging is when we found the one.It was such an incredible moment. A giant thank you to bhldn for treating me like gold.Your store is beautiful and your staff went above and beyond my expectations.I am honored to wear such beautiful attire on my wedding day.Thank you to my darling daughter milla plum for helping me in and out of every dress and Formal Dresses Australia every shoe.Thank you to my amazing friends for being there to support me and help me in my decisions and thank you to brooke.These are just the photos of me finding the dress, i can imagine how amazing the wedding ones will be.Xo!